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The latest 2018 election-hacking threat: 9-month wait for government help Cyxtera – December 29, 2017 

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ICO Crowd Magazine

Blockchains: The Next Generation? Swirlds – December 28, 2017

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The Wall Street Journal

Cybersecurity in the Trump Era Cyxtera – December 27, 2017 

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Mcclatchy DC

Jailed Russian says he hacked DNC on Kremlin’s orders and can prove it Cyxtera – December 27, 2017 

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Hashgraph vs. Blockchain Is the end of Bitcoin and Ethereum near? Swirlds – December 23, 2017

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Gov Info Security

Former US CISO on Why Awareness Training Is Priority Number 1 Cyxtera – December22, 2017 

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Is It Possible That Bitcoin Isn’t A Bubble? Swirlds – December 22, 2017

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SC Magazine

The professional cybersecurity groups Cloud Security Alliance – December 22, 2017

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Security Boulevard

Q&A: Cloud Providers and Leaky Servers Cloud Security Alliance – December 21, 2017

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Cloud Security:  Why It May Be More Risky Than Vendors Would Have You Believe Cloud Security Alliance – December 19, 2017

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